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Flipping Cars Buying and Selling Car For Profits

Flipping cars for cash is one of the most profitable businesses to run with low capital. Focus on learning about buying selling cars first before entering this business.

*Flipping cars on Facebook marketplace

*Financing a car

*Become a Specialist and an expert

*Selling your Car Flip and selling your car privately

*Learn about car repair

*Checking the oil level and the exhaust

*Checking the oil colour

*Checking the radiator

*Checking the water temperature

*Checking the water hoses and engine belts

*Listening to the engine for stuttering or ticking

*Looking for oil leaks

*Checking the transmission

*Testing the steering

*Testing the brakes

*Looking for rust

*Finding out the history of the cambelt

*How to flip cars without a dealers license

*Finding undervalued cars

*How much should I spend on a car I plan to flip

*Should I insure a car I plan to flip

*How to know if a car has been stolen

*Car flipping business opportunites

*How do I know if a car has been in a bad accident

*How to clean your new car flipping investment and save your first $500 - tips to sell your car privately too

*Cleaning your car inside and out

*Presentation is key.

*Tips on how to photograph your car

*Flipping a car that has problems

*Maximising returns in car flipping

*Renting your car flip

*Flipping muscle cars

*Flipping car parts

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