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How To Be A Good Car Salesperson


Part of building customer trust is being honest when you don’t know the answer to a question. Giving false information is a risky sales tactic that hurts your relationships and your business.

For instance, say a car buyer approaches a used car salesperson about an imperfection on a car they’re looking at. The salesperson doesn’t know the car’s history but doesn’t want to look uninformed, so they respond, “Oh, that’s just cosmetic. It’s an easy fix.”

If it turns out the car was damaged in an accident, the customer is going to feel duped and the dealership’s reputation, not to mention future sales, will take a hit.

Don’t cover up your lack of knowledge by giving a partial answer or, worse, making one up, if a buyer asks you a question you can’t answer. Instead, explain that you don’t know but will find out. Then ask a colleague or manager or research the question to get your customer an answer they can trust.

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