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Signs You Have A Dead Car Battery: How To Know A Dead Car Battery

As your battery ages, it loses its capacity to hold an electrical charge. An old battery can cause some identifiable issues, especially when you're starting your car. If your battery isn't dying, but you're concerned for your battery life, look for the sound of a lazy engine — meaning it takes longer to turn over when you're starting your vehicle — or flickering overhead lights when you're starting your vehicle. If you hear or notice these signs, that's a clear indication that your battery is weakening and that it may be time for a new one. Consider having the battery tested for a definitive answer.

8 Signs of a dead battery

A Sudden, Slower Start.

Headlights and Power, But No Start.

No Radio.

Swollen Battery Size.

Odd Smell From Your Battery.

Your Battery is Old.

Check Engine Light Flashes.

Vehicle Starts, Then Dies Immediately.

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