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The Best Places To Sell Your Car (Sell Your Car For More Money)

Selling cars might be scary but not as scary as standing on the highway facing oncoming vehicles.

Selling your car to th right person gives you more money. If you take a new car to the wreckers they won’t offer you much because they buy to wreck.

We sell cars to these four main groups:

  1. Private buyers: List your cars online where people can view and contact you for purchase. We use Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree for those able to access it. We put cars on the roadside where many eyes can see with “for sale” sign boldly written. Ensure you leave your number on the car so potential buyers can easily contact you. The aim is to let as many eyes as possible to see the car for sale.

  2. Dealers: For a quick sale we would contact some dealers in our list to see what they can offer for the car. Dealers would offer below market value so our first choice would be a private buyer.

  3. Auctions: Auction places always look for cars so you can take your car there for sale. Auction places would accommodate cars with mechanical issues but do let them know. You might be required to do some paperwork to get the car in for the auction. Some fees are also required by the auction when your car is sold.

4. Wreckers: As discussed above, we sell to the wreckers whenever we get cars with issues beyond fixing or would not worth fixing.

Once you have fixed all the necessary mechanical issues and carefully detail the car inside and out. We negotiated a good deal with a nearby car wash.

Pay particular attention to the engine, clean and shine the engine. People prefer engine without oil and grease smearing around it.

Wheels and tyres must be cleaned and shining.

The body must be immaculate, Polish the paint clean up dirts and marks, people can buy a car with issues once the body is adorably clean. You can easily sell an old car with tidy body than having a fairly used newer car with paint fades, dents and scratches. People buy what they see.

Presentation is very important, do not take photos in a junk environment. Find a clean and green environment, better around evening times. Do not take photos with too much reflections on the car. Avoid taking photos on wet floors as some buyers would take it as some oil leaks.

Qualify potential buyers before fixing an inspection to avoid wasting your time. Most times those throwing offers without seeing the car could be unserious buyers. Be patient until you get the right buyer. Be open with the issues on the car if any. Buyers love honest sellers.

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