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What Do You Need To Flip Cars

What to Look for in a Car to Flip

Low Mileage:Low mileage is one of the most important things to look for in a motor vehicle when buying it to flip. A car with less than 100,000 miles on it will be much more likely to sell and less likely to have any severe issues. Finding a good ratio of mileage to sale price is a quality that a successful car flipper will have to achieve. Low miles and a low price usually mean you can sell the car for more money to the new owner.

A Good Vehicle History Report:Before agreeing to buy any vehicle to flip it, be sure to get a detailed vehicle history report. Using the vehicle identification number, or VIN, run a report from Carfax or AutoCheck. These reports reveal vital information about the car, whether it's been in any accidents, the registration status, and whether there are any liens on it. It's all crucial information you should have before deciding to buy a car to flip.

High Demand:If you're going into car selling, you need to know which vehicles are in high demand in your area. Typically, the types of cars that are most popular will change from month to month. Alternatively, a region might have consistent sellers due to industry or weather.

For example, in places with colder weather, you may have a more challenging time selling a convertible than in a warmer region like Florida. One way to find out is to call around to different licensed dealers, ask what the best cars are for the area, and see if they will tell you what vehicles have been selling well recently.

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