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What The Rich Know That You Don’t

In the book “Flip For Freedom” by Ekene Uchenu; to be rich and remain rich, you must be exceptionally good in your field. You must spend as much time as possible to sharpen your skills. “Jack of all trades” is the surest way to failure.

I know a man who so ate garlic that it started oozing out from his skin. So shall a business owner know his or her craft.

Find a demanding item(s) in the marketplace, focus on learning how to buy, add value and sell this item(s), continue to learn about this item(s) until you are known for it.

It is your responsibility to learn everything possible about your art. Find a successful person in your chosen area, see what you can offer to the person and ask for mentorship. Stand on the shoulders of giants, behold you can see far.

Become an expert in your craft not an amateur that is how you become successful.

Would be discussing about the concept of an economic pie in a free society, where a pie is divided into various sizes. Some people get larger slices of pie, whereas others get smaller slices. The size of your pie depends on how the marketplace perceives your services.

Doing more doesn’t necessarily mean getting more reward. A famous actor gets paid more than a McDonald’s floor cleaner for an obvious reason. The marketplace perceives the actor as more valuable than the floor cleaner.

From the scripture, God made Adam, the man and Eve, the woman, both placed in the Garden of Eden, so when they ate apples, the seeds are exposed. Once planted it will grow into apple trees, which grow new apples for their consumption. It therefore follows that, consumption shouldn’t bring scarcity. What brings scarcity is a lack of resourcefulness.

Once you become more productive and irreplaceable in the marketplace you are going to be valued more.


Traveling deep into the minds of the long term multimillionaires, after having spent months learning from them, I discovered:

1. Those who make and hold their wealth long term possess high quality moral values.

2. They build and nurture responsible relationships.

3. A is A, B is B for them. Truth matters for them.

4. They serve their clients with love. They go extra mile to ensure their customers are happy.

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