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4 Mistakes People Make While Selling A Car

Your car could be gold mine sitting in your garage.

People naturally would like to get much money as possible if they want to sell their car. But what if I tell you most people ignore the following important points before selling a car.

  1. Not Washing The Car: Your might look old to you but for another person is a gem. Wash the car to make it look better for the new owner. This will increase the value of the car for you.

2. Making Costly Repirs: Some repairs are necessary for safety reasons, however replacing the mirror cover might not add any value to the car. Having a working mirror is necessary. Choose carefully what you repair before sale so are not wasting money fixing the wrong thing.

3. Fraud: Do not fall for the online big offers it might be too good to be true. Better take cash face to face. Do not accept pay id or PayPal without having the buyer in the front of you. Do not send your bank details to a stranger online.

4. Advertising: Where do you advertise your car for sale? Do your thorough research before listing the car online. Cheaper cars are very good for Facebook marketplace. Paid advertising is good for higher end cars.

If you do not want all these hassles, we make selling cars easy and hassle free. Contact us today just ring or sms 0498459369 for a free quote and pick up with cash.

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