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How To Get Revs Check NSW

If you're considering buying a used car there are 2 types of vehicle checks you can make online – a free registration check and a vehicle history check.

The free registration check includes whether the NSW registration is suspended or cancelled, and the vehicle's registration expiry date.

For a fee, the vehicle history report includes:

  • if and why the vehicle was written-off anywhere in Australia from 2004

  • if the vehicle, its number plates or its engine are stolen

  • the number of registered operators in NSW

  • the vehicle's past use, for example, as a taxi/hire car

  • if the vehicle has single/joint registered operators

  • the vehicle's first registration date in NSW

  • the past three odometer readings (if applicable).


  • A registration check can only be run on vehicles previously or currently registered in NSW.

  • A vehicle history report is not available for conditionally registered vehicles.

What you need

  • the vehicle's NSW registration plate number

  • a valid credit card.

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