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How To Make $5000 Profit Flipping Car

Updated: Feb 22

Here are things you need to master to make a chunk of money flipping cars.

*Places where you can buy a cheap car to flip and make money

*Do I need a Dealers License to legally flip cars?

*What to look for at auctions and which cars flip the easiest

*How to negotiate when buying from individuals through Craigslist, eBay and Newspapers

*How to start a Car Flipping business and What to Pay?

*Know your flip

*What to avoid when flipping cars, for beginners

*Get to know your neighborhood and beyond

*Buying car flips from the retirement community

*A handful of cash

*Valuing a car

*Flipping cars on Facebook marketplace

*Financing a car

*Become a Specialist and an expert

*Selling your Car Flip and selling your car privately

*Learn about car repair

*Checking the oil level and the exhaust

*Checking the oil colour

*Checking the radiator

*Checking the water temperature

*Checking the water hoses and engine belts

*Listening to the engine for stuttering or ticking

*Looking for oil leaks

*Checking the transmission

*Testing the steering

*Testing the brakes

*Looking for rust

*Finding out the history of the cambelt

*How to flip cars without a dealers license

*How much should I spend on a car I plan to flip

*Should I insure a car I plan to flip

*How to know if a car has been stolen

*How do I know if a car has been in a bad accident

*How to clean your new car flipping investment and save your first $500 - tips to sell your car privately too.

*Cleaning your car inside and out

*Presentation is key.

*Tips on how to photograph your car

*Flipping a car that has problems

*Renting your car flip

*Flipping muscle cars

*Flipping car parts

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