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What Are The Things You Need To Be Success: How To Become The Best In Your Career

Updated: Feb 6

If you want to be successful in life, seek to become a person of value.

How do you become a person of value? First you become significant.

How do you become significant? You become unique.

There is something you were born to do better than everyone else.

Focus on one thing and become competent. Be known for something of value.

Most people are failures because they become general in everything. They specialise in nothing.

Seek to be known for something.

How To Be Happy In Life

Nothing brings enduring happiness except achievement in that sort of service that brings happiness to others.

Human longings cannot be satisfied by the things of monetary values alone. Happiness is not possible without freedom of both mind and body. Freedom is the aim for which every human being is striving whether this fact is recognised or not.

So define your own path. Remember the moment that brings success is born out of obstacles and constant struggles.

The faint heart would give up when met with serious challenges on the path to success. Choose perseverance and consistency and behold success would come your way.

Opportunities are everywhere but it takes a definite aim and constant learning to develop the skills of discovering opportunities. Remember some humans see trees while some see chairs and houses, some humans see forests while some see farmlands. Where you think there is no opportunity, some people mine gold.

This is difficult to accept. Your challenges, your past and present situation is born out of your habits. You can change your future by improving your habits. We don’t decide our future but we decide our habits, then our habits decide our future.

The future belongs to you. Go get it.

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